44,000 Words 
2,000 Paragraphs
5,000 Sentences
and almost a quarter of a million characters

Yes, that’s correct, after 3 months, I’ve actually completed the first draft of a novel! I did it using a method called “vomit on the page” but don’t worry, I cleaned the screen afterwards. 

For those wondering what the book is about, well I’m still not going to tell you. I don’t want anybody stealing my ideas before Hollywood comes a knocking.

Oh, ok. I’ll tell you what, I’ll give you a little teaser.

          “I screamed out again as I was lifted onto my knees. A hand gripped my hair from behind and pulled my head up so that I was forced to look up at the greasy haired man looking down at me. I made a mental note to cut my hair short for the next assignment.
          ‘I’m not a fed.’ I managed to say as blood seeped out of my mouth. I knew I was dying
as the blood continued to flow from my stomach wound but I was desperate to hang on for as long as possible.
          ‘Ok.’ Kovic said. ‘If you say so. Do you know who I am?’
          ‘Yes.’ I replied. ‘You’re a filthy, racist scumbag!’ I let out an extremely painful laugh before feeling the back of his hand across the side of my face, sending me sprawling across the floor once more. It appeared that he had an ego.
          I was yanked back onto my knees. ‘A Brit.’ He said. ‘They sent a British woman after me.’ He laughed and his sycophantic followers dutifully laughed with him.
          ‘No Idea what you’re talking about.’ I said, coughing up some more blood. ‘I only came to see the Grand Canyon.’
          ‘You do know that you’re dying, don’t you?’
          ‘Yeah, so do  your worst. You can’t hurt me.’
          ‘Really?’ He looked me up and down before moving closer and  pushing his finger into the bloody bullet hole in my shoulder.
          I grimaced and cried out in agony as he moved his finger around but managed to catch my breath. ‘I was hoping you’d do that.’ I said.
          I relished the confused expression on his face and smiled as I flipped the switch on the little back box in my pocket. A bright flash and I felt my flesh burn, my bones shatter and my internal organs boil.
          Then it was over and I was suddenly pain free, looking down at an ocean of body parts, fallen masonry and burning bodies. The C4 was more powerful than I’d dared to hope, no-one was leaving this room alive.
          Then darkness and silence.”

But the first draft was just a case of getting the story out of my head and onto the screen in front of me. Now for the really difficult part – the second draft. This will be where I go through, change stuff, add stuff and delete stuff. I expect the numbers above to rise.

On a personal note, I’m off furlough now but won’t let that stop me. Onwards and upwards!

2 thoughts on “1st DRAFT

  1. Sounds promising and very much the kind of stuff I read (Stephen leather, Scott Marian etc). Struggling to see how you’re gonna develop the particular female character in the excerpt any further though. Have you got a character whose cover story is a northern nutter working in a North West London wine merchants by day? And if not why not? Good luck old friend


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