.…and boy does it march on. Almost a year and a half on. Bet you all thought I’d given up. Another sandwich toaster forgotten at the back of the cupboard.

Well I haven’t given up. In fact there are five potential novels in my library but the main one rolls on like a juggernaut. The 44,000 words mentioned in my last post is now 113,000 words. The snippet I posted is now long gone. Both tense and POV have changed. Past becomes present, 1st person becomes 3rd person. Don’t get me started on the number of times I’ve added and removed characters as well as changing their names.

One character is fixed though. Holly is my protagonist. From a boring accountant to a ruthless assassin, albeit one with a very special gift.

As the snippet from my last post is no more, I suppose it’s only fair to give you an up to date version.

     Harry Devlin clutches his briefcase before pushing the button to lower the privacy screen as the limousine turns onto the dual carriageway. ‘Can we go a little faster,’ he calls to the driver. ‘I’d like to get there before Christmas.’
     ‘Yes sir,’ the driver replies before pressing the accelerator a little firmer as the privacy screen closes and Devlin sits back in his seat.
     The driver’s bluetooth headset buzzes and she presses the button to answer. ‘Hello?’
     ‘What are you doing?’
     ‘What you told me to do.’
     ‘I need you back here.’
     ’Now? I’ve just pulled onto the M4, taking shit for brains to Heathrow.’
     ’Shit for brains?’
     ’The target.’
     ’So kill him and get back here. Ten minutes should be adequate.’
     ’Ten minutes? I was hoping to drive home?’ This was supposed to be Holly’s easiest job yet. Drive the target to Heathrow, open the door and stick a knife in his throat before pulling him out of the car, driving off at speed, dumping the car and getting one of the others to pick her up. No need to die on this one.
     ’Not enough time.’
     ‘Bollocks,’ Holly mutters as she disconnects the call before looking ahead at the three lanes of motorway and assessing the traffic. The middle lane is unusually clear and she stamps hard on the accelerator.
     ‘What are you doing, you stupid bitch?’ Devlin calls out as the privacy screen lowers. ‘If we get pulled over, I’ll never make my flight.’
     Ignoring him, Holly reaches forward and flips the switch to disable the airbags. This is gonna hurt.
     ‘You’ve missed the exit, you idiot!’ Devlin is off his seat. He’s infuriated. He needs to scream in the driver’s ear for her to slow down and turn around. His arm is through the divider, grasping Holly’s arm.
     The engine is screaming and Holly glances at the speedometer. One hundred and twenty. Perfect. She swerves the limousine to the left, between two cars in the nearside lane, through the barrier and up the grass bank. The limousine hits the concrete bridge at over one hundred miles per hour. The impact destroys the front of the car, forcing the engine into the cabin. Holly’s legs are shattered and her chest is caved in by the steering wheel and column. Devlin flies through the windscreen with such force that his head disintegrates as it impacts against the concrete.
     ‘What’s so bloody urgent?’ Holly demands, storming into Diana’s office whilst fumbling with the belt on her dressing gown.

I started this novel 10th July 2020. I hope to publish it 10th July 2022. That’s less than 6 months away, better get editing.


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