40 years in the making

Well, 40 years in the thinking about it is closer to the truth. So they say that everyone has at least one novel in them and I thought it was time I finally kicked mine out into the world. I suppose I’ll actually have to write it first and I’ve even made a start.

So why am I writing this blog? Motivation, pure and simple. If I just keep it to myself, it’ll never get done. If I tell everyone I’m doing it, well I’ll just have to damned well do it!

So here is where I’ll place my musings and frustrations. I’ll try to keep it expletive free but no guarantees, I’ve used many just in the creation of this blog.

By the way, in case anyone was wondering what the novel is about, I don’t want to give anything away at this point but the title of this blog may provide a clue for the sleuths among you.

Until the next time, bye for now…………….

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